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  • July 8th Council Minutes
    Council Minutes from july 8th
  • Community Garbage Bins

    We would like to shed light on a problem that has been getting out of hand as of recently. This is what our garbage bin looks like. Community members, this is not acceptable. Not only is it careless but it’s.

  • Our Species at Risk

    Our Species At Risk team has been identifying current known nesting areas around the

Our Departments

In keeping with the principles of Anishnabe nationhood and the Anishnabe way of life.

Shawanaga First Nation follows its own Constitution which lays out the various principles, rights and responsibilities that guide the community. These include basic human rights, Aboriginal Title rights, land and resource rights and rights of “self-determination, self-development, pursuit of well-being, preservation and freedoms of association.

Kinomaugewgamik Elementary School is located on Shawanaga First Nation.

The school accommodates students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5 in two classrooms.

Housing and Social Services is one combined department.

Social Services consist of providing Ontario Works funding to eligible clients. The Housing department offers Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) loans and rental units to eligible community members.

Shawanaga First Nation has a budget of approximately $9 million

of which about 60% is from various Government sources (including Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada-AANDC, Health Canada and various Ontario ministries); and the rest from gas bar sales and other sources.


  • Chief & Council
  • Lands & Resources
  • Housing & Social Services
  • Economical Development

History of
Shawanaga First Nation

Shawanaga First Nation belongs to the larger Anishnabek Nation which stretches across much of Ontario, east across the Prairies and around the northern shores of all the Great Lakes.

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